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Managing a Business

Managing a business is no easy task. There are countless issues to see to and various things to take into consideration. Needless to say, there are also various forces or situations, both internally and externally, […]

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Market Driven Management

Uncovering the Essential Insight about Market Driven Management

When you are selling a product in the market, then it has to offer value to the customers. The biggest problem is that most of the people who have capital are more focused on building factories and do not pay any attention to marketing management. However, this is surely not the appropriate approach to secure your future in the professional world. The good news is that the things have now changed in the recent years and the attempt to acquire customer satisfaction is redefining the focus and the scope of business firms. Market-driven management now shapes the goals of most of the well-established firms.

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Fondamenti di Marketing Management

Fondamenti di marketing management in chiave contemporanea.

I 5 concetti basilari per comprendere il management orientato al mercato in chiave contemporanea.

Di cosa si occupa il management “market oriented” nell’era dell iper-offerta: alcune riflessioni e una risorsa di autovalutazione disponibile on line.

Conoscere i clienti: i clienti vengono raggruppati per tipologie, bisogni, interessi, tipo di relazione, redditività e canali di distribuzione. In pratica, questa prima – e primaria – funzione “marketing oriented” del management contemporaneo, serve per identificare quelle tipologie di clienti che, attraverso la loro classificazione per gruppi, possono più agevolmente portare l’organizzazione alla comprensione dei loro bisogni e delle opportunità che rappresentano.